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Folder connected to external applications
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Folderr redefines how employees interact with data by simplifying document management and information accessibility. Empower teams to self-serve effectively and find what they need immediately.

Trust and security

Data Sharing

Folderr enables teams to seamlessly create, refine, and launch secure AI agents within and beyond their organization. Utilizing public AI tools may expose data to external LLM training; Folderr safeguards against this through private LLMs and public LLMs compliant with ISO27001 and SOC2 standards, such as OpenAI.

Smart Integration

Empowering AI Agents

Folderr enables users to chat with agents from Teams or Slack and connects them to hundreds of business applications to extend their AI capabilities.

Additionally, your AI Agents have APIs to remotely upload documents, train, ask questions and receive responses.

NO Code Automation

AI Orchestration

Folderr is pioneering #GenerativeAutomation, surpassing traditional RPA by creating dynamic automations that adaptively select their operational sequences. Unlike linear RPA tasks, Folderr's AI navigates through processes based on predefined rules, available integrations, and data insights, ensuring a more flexible and intelligent approach to automation.

Simplifying AI Chat

Train AI agents with your data: Upload files directly from Dropbox, FTP, or connect folders to your private database.

Choose your AI model: GPT-3.5, GPT-4.0, LLaMA, Vertex, among over 20 others.

After creating your chat agent, share it with individuals or teams, deploy it as a website chatbot, integrate with Slack or MS Teams, and connect via API for remote training and interactive generative capabilities.

What businesses are saying

Folderr has reduced our inbound emails for product support by 75%, and we trained and deployed our support agent in less than 1 week!
Sari Johnson
Customer Success manager 
We automated 80% of the workload required to answer an RFP. By connecting folderr to our RFP database, and adding some basic instructions to the agent, we can input a list of 100+ questions and we will have responses in less than a minute or two. If the agent doesn't know an answer, it will alert us and allow us to add that question to the new training set.
John Beolan
Director of HR
As a product manager, I now direct all internal questions from sales, marketing, and other product teams to our internal and secure Folderr AI chat. This has increased my productivity levels by a significant % and my colleagues are happy to get immediate responses instead of waiting for my response
Product Management
As a small business owner, I wasn’t as organized as I should have been on Google Drive, so I just imported all of my documents to Folderr and ask my AI agent where a piece of information is for when I need to access it. So easy.
Jim Malisani
Small Business Owner


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  • 10,000 Tokens
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  • GPT 3.5 and 4.0
  • 10 Agents  

Enterprise user
  • Unlimited Tokens / Month
    Unlimited GPT 3.5 and 4.0 calls
  • Custom API calls
  • Unlimited Files per Agent
  • Private Hosting
    Chose your own LLM
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Folderr integrates with the top Large Language Models (LLM) and is considered LLM Agnostic.

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