Enhance productivity
Automate business processes.
Boost organizational intelligence.

Folderr seamlessly integrates generative AI  with a comprehensive suite of tools, integrations, and workflows - revolutionizing the automation of complex user routines. This powerful combination empowers organizations to streamline workflows, enhance productivity, and automate tasks with remarkable ease, efficiency and accuracy.

Trust and security

Data Sharing

Folderr allows teams to develop and deploy secure AI assstants, ensuring data stays private. Folderr addresses security through private hosting, private LLMs, and ISO27001/SOC2 compliant public LLMs, like OpenAI, preventing unintended data training.

Smart Integration

Empowering AI Assistants

Folderr Assistants go beyond generative AI chat, enabling integration with hundreds of applications and equipping assistants with advanced tools for executing complex tasks with exceptional accuracy and reliability.

AI Simplified

Getting Started

Create an AI Assistant in 3 Easy Steps

Imagine having your own AI assistant, tailored to your specific needs and goals. With Folderr, it's as simple as uploading files to Dropbox or Google Drive.

Step 1: Upload Your Files
Add your data, select your desired AI model, and instructions to guide its response or creative output.

Step 2: Train Your AI Assistant
Folderr will automatically process and fine-tune your uploads, creating a personalized AI assistant that learns from your data.

Step 3: See it in Action
You have created a personalized AI Assistant.

Try it out, share it with others, and unlock the power of AI with Folderr!

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 50,000 Tokens
5GB Storage
GPT4.0, GPT4o, Gemini1.0, Gemini1.5, Claude 3

$25 / Month
100k Monthly Tokens
Workflow Automation
Unlimited Q&A
Chatbot code for your website and more!

Note: we offer a discount for for educators and Folderr ambassadors.
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