The foundation of a smart home is information, and Folderr makes it seamless to digitize and organize property records, upload photos and videos, import and view files, track expenses, set reminders, take notes, and more - making your information accessible from the web or mobile, anywhere in the world.

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My home organization system was a box full of home related receipts, warranties, business cards, appliance manuals, and more. I upload that information to Folderr, and now i have a really SMART Home.

Dixi N.

Love it. I use this to manage multiple VRBO properties, save wifi passwords, write down instructions on how to reset door codes, track the age of appliances, and set reminders to change things like my air and water filters.

Eaton Beaver
- Entrepreneur

I own a home one wheels and I use Folderr as my digital pit crew for the RV, my El Camino, and my motorcycle.

- Mechanic

Organization Simplified

When you claim a property on Folderr, the app immediately helps you manage your property - from tips, tricks, and reminders, to suggesting organization sub folders, even tracking your property value and importing facts, photos, and more.

With Folderr's intelligent scanning technology, easily track all of your expenses in a snap - just upload a photo of your receipt and let our AI extract line items, totals, and company info automatically.

Upload Photos, Videos, Documents, Emails, Notes and more!

Experience the power of seamless data management as Folderr converts physical documents, photos, and videos into digital assets, effortlessly stored and accessible at your fingertips. No more searching through stacks of papers or binder —everything you need is conveniently organized in one secure location.

Simplify the collection of information

Our app allows you to easily scan and transcribe any type of text-based record, including receipts. The app automatically tracks and organizes the data, separating it into expense tables that clearly display each total. You can easily edit line items, totals, and even view the original scanned photo. With Folderr, you'll never have to worry about misplacing receipts or losing important data again.


Secure storage and backup of your data. Download all data in your account to a zip file at anytime!

Upload multiple receipts in one step and folderr will automatically scan and track your expenses.

Upload multiple photos in one step.

Email address creation for all US properties.

A task list to easily set reminders with recurring frequencies.

Private and shared folders.

Automated information tracking for property value and beyond.

Easily update records from anywhere

When claiming your property - Folderr will assign it a unique email address. Ex: 12345@mail.folderr.com.
Use this email address to automatically collect receipts, warranty information, legal documents, and more.




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Claim up to 3 properties
Unlimited Subfolders
5 GB of Storage
Features Included: Video upload, photo upload, tasks creation with reminders, a unique property email address, notes, sharing, as well as expense analysis and tracking



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Claim up to 10 properties.
Unlimited Folders
25 GB of Storage
Everything in Basic

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