AI Simplified.

Deploy the power of AI to any aspect of life or business. Supercharge daily routines, automate tasks, securely store your data, empower digital assistants to perform work and so much more.


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Create a Digital Worker in 5 minutes or less

Define Your Agent

Create and Agent for a specific purpose.
Ex: Teaching, Sales, Legal, etc

Import Data

Easily upload data or import from 3rd party sites such as Google, Dropbox, and more.


Watch your AI agents come to life with the information you upload.

Data Personalization + Integrations + Workflows = Generative Automation

Go beyond Generative AI and enable your organization
and build intelligent workflows without any coding required.

Who Are We?

At Folderr, we're on a mission to revolutionize the way you experience your life, memory, and productivity. Our core mission is to empower individuals to forge a digital counterpart of themselves, leveraging the transformative potential of AI to elevate memory, productivity, and liberate additional time for them to savor the richness of their humanity.

Your Data. Any AI Model.

Effortlessly allocate your AI agents to a dynamic array of AI models without the need for reconstruction or data retention. Seamlessly integrate with GPT (3.5 & 4.0), BERT, BLOOM, OPT, LaMDA, Cicero, Megatron, and other cutting-edge models.

Empowering Automation with AI

Coming Soon: Folderr is expanding its capabilities beyond personalized AI, elevating your digital agents with seamless integration into hundreds of apps. Now, effortlessly craft agents that excel at productive tasks, connecting with platforms such as Slack, Salesforce, Google, HubSpot, and many others. Require a specific integration? Reach out, and we'll make it happen!


Secure storage and backup of your AI training data. Download all data in your account to a zip file at anytime.

Upload multiple documents in one step and folderr will automatically train your assistants.

Create multiple AI agents to tailor your generative AI experience.

Email address creation for all folders to automatically train agents.

A task list to easily set reminders with recurring frequencies.

Private and shared AI agents.

Easily train your AI from anywhere

When creating an AI Agent, the app will immediately assign it a unique email address. Ex:




Get Started


100 Free AI Credits
3 Agents
5 GB of Agent Memory



Get Started


1,000 AI Credits
(1 credit per AI training, question, and external API call)
10 Agents
100 GB of Agent Memory
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