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AI-Powered Folders: 
Elevating digital organization.

Upload documents, photos, videos, notes and more to train your own AI model and receive endless insights.

Share, transfer, and more.

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How It Works

Create an anchor

AI needs a central point or foundation for organizing related data within specific categories.


Select from a list of suggested folders to easily manage and organize your data.


Upload files, photos, videos, emails, notes, and more to digitize your data and train your AI models

A digital brain for physical assets

After you create an anchor on Folderr, it comes with a specific folder called "AI"
All information saved here can be used to then train your own AI model and then chat against your documents, notes, and more.

Upload Photos, Videos, Documents, Emails, Notes and more!

Easily convert physical documents, photos, and videos into digital assets, stored securely and accessible at your fingertips. Say goodbye to the hassle of searching through piles of papers or lost data online. Everything you need is conveniently organized in one secure location.

Simplify the collection of information

With Folderr, effortlessly scan and transcribe text-based records, like receipts. The app automatically tracks and organizes the data, presenting it in clear expense tables with itemized totals. Edit line items, totals, and even view original scanned photos hassle-free.


Secure storage and backup of your data. Download all data in your account to a zip file at anytime!

Upload multiple receipts in one step and folderr will automatically scan and track your expenses.

Upload multiple photos in one step.

Email address creation for all asset folders (Car, Home, and more)

A task list to easily set reminders with recurring frequencies.

Private and shared folders.

Document AI Chat-bot. Train your own model.

"As a digital writer, I have AI folders to organize blogs, white papers, and more. Now that Folder AI knows the subject matter, I can ask it to complete tasks such as writing a new blog based on the prior blogs i've uploaded."

- Content Writer

My company has hundreds of instruction documents, product update documents, and endless emails. It's impossible to keep up with, so I send it into my AI email address and chat with Folderr when i have questions.

- Accountant

I own a lot of rental properties.  There is SO much information i am supposed to remember. Maintenance records, paint codes, agreements , etc. Folderr keeps everything organized!

- Real Estate Investor

Easily update records from anywhere

When creating an anchor folder, the app will immediately assign it a unique email address. Ex:
Use this email address to automatically collect receipts, warranty information, legal documents, and more.




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Manage up to 2 anchors
Unlimited Subfolders
5 GB of Storage



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Manage up to 10 anchors
Generative AI Chat
100 GB of Storage
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