Folderr - All-In-One Homeownership App

Introducing Folderr: The All-In-One Homeownership App

Denver, 4.20.2022 - We are thrilled to announce the launch of Folderr, a revolutionary all-in-one app designed to digitize, organize, and centralize property data for homeowners. With Folderr, users can effortlessly manage their property information: paint codes, maintenance reminders, even capturing data necessary to supplement insurance claims, the Folderr app places all of this information in your pocket.

How Folderr Works:

  1. Claim your property: Simply claim your property address to get started.
  2. Select folders: Choose from a list of suggested folders for easy document management.
  3. Import: Upload all of your property records and let Folderr manage the rest.

Key Features:

  • Intelligent Scanning Technology: Quickly track expenses by uploading photos of receipts. Folderr's AI extracts line items, totals, and company information automatically.
  • Multiple File Types: Upload photos, videos, documents, emails, and notes from your mobile phone or the web. Analyze multiple receipts and crop multiple photos in one step.
  • Simplified Data Collection: Scan and transcribe receipts, and Folderr will automatically track your expenses for you.
  • Secure Storage: Safely store and back up your data, with the option to download all data to a zip file at any time.
  • Unique Email Address: Automatically collect receipts, warranty information, legal documents, and more by sending them to a unique email address assigned to every property on Folderr.

Additional features include a task list for setting reminders, private and shared folders, and automated information tracking for property value and beyond.

Folderr is now available for download on both Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Embrace homeownership without the hassle. Try Folderr today and experience a new level of organization and convenience.

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About Folderr:

Folderr is a cutting-edge app designed to simplify homeownership by digitizing, organizing, and centralizing property data. The app offers a user-friendly interface, AI-powered automation, and secure storage to help homeowners manage their property efficiently and with ease.