6 ways to simplify home ownership

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In May 2017, my wife and I closed on a beautiful home in Colorado. It was completely empty when we first entered the house - except for a dusty box of receipts, owners' manuals, old bills, business cards, and a small jar of wood stain. In addition, the prior owner left a few documents detailing how to operate the well pump and home water filtration systems. It was a handy box of records - but I doubt many sellers take the time to help tell the story of their house to the buyers.

Since living in our house, we have made over 100 trips to our local hardware store. Our home folder has exploded with new receipts, warranty information, owners' manuals, business cards, and more.  

Saving all this information seemed like something we needed to do, but I also felt stuck in the 90s with our paper collection habits.  Even with all this organization, we still didn't know basic information about our home... like the color codes of our walls! When we moved in, we were too excited to paint over the yellow, green, and pink rooms - but we quickly disposed of the paint cans and never saved the color codes. Fast forward three years later, and now we have five different locations around our home that need some serious touch-ups...

paint code home records

Pretty bad, right! We removed a chicken coop and were left with this mess. We know the local paint store can use a laser to read a paint chip and attempt to match the color - but that is likely not a perfect match, and we are now delaying the inevitable - repainting the entire wall.

Enter Folder

Folderr is a free app to simplify owning a home:

6 ways to simply homeownership

1) Upload Paint Codes: The next time you buy paint – take a photo of the paint codes. Open Folderr, click add a photo, add some information about what you are painting, and click save! Folderr will automatically file the image away and extract the paint colors to a file for you to reference in the future quickly. No more saving old dried-up paint cans in your garage!

2) Upload Receipts: Many stores want your email to send you your receipts digitally and sneak a few marketing emails in there. The result, your social and promotions email folder is overloaded with information you are likely never to see again. With Folderr, take a photo of the receipt, and the app will read the receipt information and file it away for you automatically.

3) Link to Owner manuals: Take a photo of your appliances, and we will automatically link your appliances to their respective owners' manuals. Enter the year of the appliance, and Folderr will even look for warranty information

4) Receive Invoices and business cards: Had a plumber come to fix a leaky pipe? They can effortlessly search for your property by address and post comments with files, receipts, and photos of their completed work directly to your home. You approve the plumbers' post, and Folderr will automatically categorize the information for you or future homeowners.

5) Find help: Take a photo of a business card and add it to your home folder. Or, add their name and contact info and save it for future reference. Additionally, take a photo of the work you need to do, upload it to the service marketplace, and increase competition for the work you need to be completed. Plumbers, painters, landscapers, road services, and contractors use Folderr to keep pricing transparent and a digital record of their completed

6) Tell your ownership story: Post comments, photos, and more to your public folder and tell a more valuable story when it comes time to sell your home. One of the biggest concerns homeowners have been around the craftsmanship of completed projects, and the more details to the story you can attach - the more value you will create for your home!

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